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Self-service Licensing with AsWeDream

Sync License Terms of Use

Using our self-service catalog, licensing a song for sync is simple. Select your WAV file, purchase, and download instantly. Now you're ready to use the song in your project! You can license a song for sync using this site for the following project types:

 • Crowdfunding

 • Event Filmmaker

 • Government

 • Non-profit & Charity

 • Personal YouTube

 • Personal Social Media

 • Personal Podcast

 • Pro Photographer

 • Real Estate

 • School & University

 • Small Business

 • Webisodes

 • Wedding

IF your organization is less than 50 total employees AND your total project budget is less than $10,000, you can license a song for sync using this site for the following project types:

 • Advertising -


 • App

 • Corporate - Presentation, Web/Streaming, etc.

 • Film - Feature

 • Film - Short

 • Film - Web/Streaming

 • Physical Media

 • Television - Cable TV, Network TV/OTT, TV Promo

 • Trailer - App, Film, Game, Physical Media, Theater, Web, etc.

 • Video Game

 • Video-On-Demand

 • Web Series

If you do not meet all of this criteria, please contact us for custom pricing on these project types.

App, Podcast, Radio, Streaming Audio/Video,

Theater, TV, Video Game, Video-On-Demand,


Each WAV purchase includes one license valid for the synchronization of purchased WAV in one project.

"Project" is defined as a single media item. For example, each ad in a series is an individual project.

Use of the song in another project requires an additional WAV purchase. (Even if it's the same song.)
By licensing a song for sync using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use as shown in PDF below.

 Need custom tracks? Questions? Contact Us

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